The Von Braun Incident


Chapter 1 – “A rude awakening”: I dream of years past and awaken to a nightmare.

Chapter 2 – “Bloody monkeys and other horrors”: Getting my bearings and trying to figure out what’s going on.

Chapter 3 – “Visions of splendour”: Finding the captain and getting into Engineering.

Chapter 4 – “Lasers make good sticks”: Wrapping up Engineering and getting a toxic quest in Hydroponics.

Chapter 5 – “Singing for gas”: The last of the toxin is dispensed and I move on to the Operations level.

Chapter 6 – “Run ninja run”: Working to stop the Many from creating a new breed of Hybrids.

Chapter 7 – “Playing with Sims get people killed”: The final Sim unit is reprogrammed, and we move onto the Recreation deck.

Chapter 8 – “Christmas shopping is important”: Upping the ante with the grenade launcher as we slowly secure Recreation.

Chapter 9  – “Basketball is not for weaklings”: We finally switch on the transmitter.

Chapter 10 – “A bridge to nowhere”: We pay a visit to the Von Braun bridge.

Chapter 11 – “Scuttled shuttles”: Breaking into and demolishing the shuttle bays.

Chapter 12 – “Egg hunt”: What mysteries do the Rickenbacker hold?

Chapter 13 – “Rumble in the metal jungle”: Securing the Rickenbacker bridge.

Chapter 14 – “Mutual repulsion”: Invading the Body of the Many.

Chapter 15 – “Finale”: We get to the end.


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