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Want To Take Care Of You

[A/N: Just a silly little idea I had for Slow Start. That show seems to revel in being able to get away with certain things by using its adult characters for certain scenes, and I find Shion and Hiroe to be a cute pairing, so I wanted to do a little something with that.]

Shion made sure she was balancing the bowl properly before she rang the door.

“Coming!” came a sweet voice from inside. Someone with black hair, and black eyes, opened the door. “Oh, landlady!”

Oh, she’s not wearing sweats today. Lucky me~ “Hello, Hannen-san,” Shion said, and smiled brightly.

“Did you need something?” Hiroe asked.

Oh yes. “Ah, you see, I was making some meat and potatoes, but got a bit overeager with how much I put in. I brought you some leftovers, if you’d like.” She lifted the bowl she was holding to make sure Hiroe took notice. “If you already have plans, feel free to put it in the fridge for later.”

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The Sins of the Mother

[A/N: I know this is a regular story by now, but I saw a piece of fanart on Twitter this morning that looked like Yoshiko/Yohane, but had more the physique and posture of Hanamaru. So I thought: Hey, that looks like it could be their daughter. And it quickly snowballed from there. Plus it’s fiction, so there’s no reason girls can’t have babies with other girls.

So! AU where Yoshiko decided to give up Yohane when she grew up, mainly because I thought that would make this story funnier. I can totally see her embracing being Yohane too, but I felt I had to pick one of the two. Asuka refers to Yoshiko as ‘mother’, and Hanamaru as ‘mum’, just in case I didn’t make that clear enough in the story.]

Yoshiko was relaxing on the couch with her pad, and her favourite show. No work today, and no working from home, so the plan was to just replenish her energy. Ugh, why had she put the tea so far away.

She hit pause, slid the pad onto the table, and started to reach for the cup when someone burst into the room.

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Not Fair

[A/N: Seems I am very lewd lately. I learned that apparently it was KanaDia day yesterday, which I didn’t even know was a thing. So while I was eating breakfast, this idea for the pairing sprung up. I think I managed to keep it not explicit, but it sure as hell isn’t subtle. Warnings for NSFW, though I’d say it’s more 16+ than 18+, if you get what I mean.]

“K-Kanan… Kanan!”

“Mm? What is it, Dia?”


“Please what?”


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When in Rome

[A/N: This Nero/Hakuno idea wouldn’t get out of my head, and lewd thoughts make it hard to sleep. So I write this in the hope that it will get it out of my system. Very NSFW!]

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Normal Friendship?

[A/N: Märchen Mädchen has been a hell of show so far, and it’s not exactly subtle about its intentions. Which is why this idea came so easily, I suppose. Imagining Hazuki approaching Shizuka innocently about her feelings, and getting a response… well… I couldn’t resist. I’m not really up for writing a whole lewd scene though, so I apologise if you feel it cuts off too abruptly. I hope you can manage the rest with your own imagination.]

Something was bothering Kagimura Hazuki. Something she could not figure out the answer to. Was it normal to want to touch your friend?

She had felt drawn to Shizuka from the first moment they had met. Her very first friend. So she had thought these feelings were just a normal part of it, since she had never had a friend before. She didn’t have any experience to draw upon.

But then she had made more friends. Qazan. Kasumi. Sadohara. And more besides. And ever so slowly it had dawned on her that she didn’t feel like this towards any of them. Only towards Shizuka. Why was she so special? Was it because she was Hazuki’s first? Was that normal?

She really couldn’t come up with an answer for that on her own, so she figured the logical thing would be to ask Shizuka herself. Shizuka had friends from before. Surely she would know more about it. There was also the option of asking her sister, but something in the back of her mind urged against that. It was easier to talk to Shizuka anyway. The next chance she got, she’d go for it!

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Breaking The Rules

[A/N: I keep having these short, silly ideas, and this one occurred to me last night. I think Hanamaru and Yoshiko/Yohane go well together. Maybe I’m little too inspired by the Demon Summoner fics in how I portrayed Hanamaru here, but I certainly think it’s more fun that way.]

Yohane carefully slid the door to the library open, then double-checked behind her. The coast looked to be clear. And she knew Ruby was occupied elsewhere. This was her chance.

She had come up with a foolproof plan to figure out whether Hanamaru liked her back, without having to do the whole awkward confession thing. Sometimes her genius amazed even herself.

Hanamaru wasn’t sitting behind the counter, which made Yohane’s heart sink a little. Though before she got so far as to wonder whether Hanamaru wasn’t in, she spotted a head of brown hair by the bookshelves all the way in the back. So she was either putting something back, or looking for a book.

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The Glasses Incident

[A/N: Had this silly idea after seeing a piece of Love Live Sunshine fanart with You in glasses yesterday. It’s a very powerful image.]

Takami Chika hopped into the classroom, feeling victorious. She had nearly missed the bus, but she had made it to school in good time. Surely the sign of a better time being ahead of her! Speaking of a better time, among the handful of others already here was the lovely Watanabe You, who looked a little extra lovely today.

“Good morning, You-chan!” Chika called out as she made her way over.

You looked up. “Oh, morning, Chika-chan!” She grinned with utter brilliance, and for once she was wearing her glasses. Actually, it looked like she had gotten a new frame for them, all red and stylish.

“Special day?” Chika asked as she took her seat.

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How We Got Together

[A/N: Realised I hadn’t really written anything to post for a while, so I tried to think of some ideas. This was the first one that came to me, and it seemed so fun I couldn’t resist. We’re back to Love Live Sunshine, as that’s where my mind goes when I need a simple and fun idea. And I haven’t done any Mari/You yet, so…]

School was over for the day, but I had work to do in my office before I could go home. I take my role very seriously.

Suddenly there was a flash of lightning, silhouetting a figure standing in the doorway. My poor maiden’s heart got startled, but when I saw it was our own Watanabe You who stepped into the room, my fears eased.

“Hello, Mari-chan~,” she said, and I could tell something was up because of the way she said it. Almost like she was purring.

“Hello, You-chan!” I responded cheerfully. “Did you need something?”

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Valentine Chrisis

[A/N: So I wasn’t able to get this done in time, but it’s still technically Valentine’s some places in the world. Back to Symphogear this time, and the goodest girl: Yukine Chris. I don’t even quite remember how this idea came to me, but I had a lot of fun writing it. I hope you like reading it, too.]

There was cocoa powder everywhere. Yukine Chris was feeling some amount of exasperation. I’ll make chocolate from scratch, she’d thought. It’s just mixing cocoa, sugar, and water, she’d thought. How hard can it be, she had thought. She had even enlisted the help of Shirabe.

Turned out it was trickier than she had thought. Honestly she should have known the moment she started looking up recipes online, and learned that more went into chocolate-making than she expected. Still, things had been going well enough until she had tried using a hand-mixer to blend the cocoa and sugar. Power to the max, that’s how she rolled! The resulting cloud had startled Shirabe so much that she had knocked the butter off of the counter, and onto the floor. It was a miracle the milk hadn’t been knocked over, though it was now finely dusted.

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Silly Love

[A/N: In honour of Matsuura Kanan’s birthday, I have written a little story for her. Not the typical birthday fare I’ve done, since it’s not really tied to the celebration. The title is an homage to the Silly Lilies series. This isn’t the same “universe”, but I was never able to put a proper cap on that series, so why not revisit the KanaRuby ship here, I thought. Ruby tries her best.]

“Here, Kanan-chan!” Ruby bowed her head, and thrust forward a small bag tied shut with a cute, red ribbon.

Kanan accepted the bag. It was very light, and she could feel something shuffling about inside when she moved it. “What’s this?” she asked, though the way it felt gave her some ideas already.

“It’s… they’re chocolates…” Ruby said, seemingly very interested in looking at her shoes.

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