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There Is Just One Thing I Need

[A/N: For our fourth Christmas themed story, we’re going back to Symphogear for more Chris, Hibiki, and Miku. I’m such a sucker for those three, and I’m not sorry. The inspiration for this one is two-fold. First there was a piece of fanart I saw on Twitter a while back, and secondly I learned that Takagaki Ayahi, the VA for Yukine Chris, has done a cover of All I Want For Christmas. It’s amazing.]

Yukine Chris couldn’t sleep. This was nothing new, but this time it wasn’t for any of the typical reasons. No nightmares, no haunting trauma, no crippling anxiety. Well, maybe you could call it anxiety in a way. What was occupying Chris’s mind so much was a kiss.

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Festive Revelations

[A/N: I am not exactly sure what made me suddenly remember Locodol, nor why I wanted to do a fic about it in the first place, but because of those two things, I ended up re-watching the series (highly recommended, one of the most underrated shows of 2014). It has a very lovely relationship dynamic between the two leads that grows as the show goes on, and they are very comfortable and intimate in a nice way. So now I’m here to try a writing of it, based on episode 14. For a show that probably has a fanbase in the double-digits. I hope you still like it.]


It’s starting to get quite cold as I’m making my way home from the party. It has to be past midnight by now. Happy birthday, me.

I don’t hate these parties. They’re pleasant enough, and I understand the point of them. Plus I have Su-chan there with me. But they can get tiresome, and at times I feel like I have more important things I’d rather do. Maybe not today, but getting home this late kinda sucks. At least I’m right by the building now.

“I’ve had enough.” I hear a sad, familiar voice speak up, as if the words are a weird mirror of my own thoughts.

I look down, and have to double-check I’m actually wearing my glasses. It’s… “Nana-chan?” Sitting there at the bottom of the stairs in front of my building is the sweetest, cutest girl in the world: Usami Nanako. She looks up at me. “What’s wrong?” I ask her. Why is she here, and dressed like Santa?

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A Very Special New Year

[A/N: For the second of this year’s Christmas stories (which is technically happening post-Christmas), we are revisiting Ruby and Leah from Love Live Sunshine. I wanted to get episode 9 watched before I started this one, and now that that’s done, let’s see what we can do about this. Post-completion: Okay, that became a lot longer than I expected it would. Proof-reading this wasn’t easy, but I’m fairly happy with it.]

Getting the permission for this hadn’t been easy, but Ruby had done her very rubesty. Convincing Dia had been the hard part. Getting Mari to lend her the money for the ticket had been fairly easy. Mari seemed very supportive of Ruby going to see Leah, and had even helped talk to Dia. Ruby wasn’t sure how long it would take her to repay all of that, but she was certain it would be worth it.

She was going to stay with Leah in Hakodate for New Year’s. Of course she felt bad about asking for that after they had just come back from the Christmas concert they did, but she wanted this more than anything else in the world right now. Even more than winning Love Live. If she missed this opportunity, she’d have to wait a whole year for her next chance. It meant missing most of Dia’s birthday for the first time ever, but she told herself that was going to happen sooner or later anyway.

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Holiday Schedule

[A/N: Now that we’re officially in Advent season, it’s time to start writing Christmas fics. First up is New Game, as I started pondering that one about a week ago. I have two other ideas, but they rely on getting some stuff done first in preparation. And we’ll see what else pops up after that. I know fics like this aren’t very exciting, but I just love writing these two as very domestic.]

It was early December, and in the Suzukaze-Takimoto household Christmas preparations had already begun.

“Are you done yet?” Hifumi asked. Her anticipation level was high.

“Yeah, yeah, hang on,” Aoba said right before she came out of the bedroom wearing a santa outfit. “Are you sure I shouldn’t be wearing stockings with this?” She had the hat on, and the sleeved santa dress that went down to her thighs, but little else. “And I can’t seem to get the mantle right…” That one she had left behind for now.

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Dia’s Wish

[A/N: This is an idea that’s been in the back of my mind for about a month now. I just haven’t really been sure what to do with it, but felt like I wanted to make an attempt now. This is a continuation of the Ruby The Demon Summoner AU.]

It was a quiet Saturday at the Kurosawa residence, just past noon. Dia was sitting in the lounge with a cup of tea, and a magazine about idol fashion. It was actually Ruby’s, since she was more into the fashion side of things than Dia, but their love of idols was shared between them. So they shared magazines, and other materials too. Each of them only had so much allowance after all, and bought what they felt was most important to them.

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When You Need It The Most

[A/N: Now that I’m fully caught up on the manga, I have a solid dose of Takkyu Musume in my system, and it demands a story as tribute. After searching for ideas for about a day, this one started forming. As someone who struggles a lot with anxiety, I suppose I’m projecting on Koyori a bit here. But we all have days where we’re more vulnerable.]

It had been a bad day for Tsumujikaze Koyori.

It started shortly after her struggle to drag herself out of bed. At breakfast she had barely been half-awake, and ended up burning her tongue when she wasn’t careful enough with her tea.

On the way out the door she had realised that her phone was still in the living room, and stubbed her toe on the door frame as she hurried back to get it.

She had dropped her pen during a lecture, and it had rolled all the way down to where the professor stood. While she had a spare, she could tell people noticed it rolling down. And she still had to retrieve it afterwards before everyone had left the room, which had been mortifying.

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Change of Pace

[A/N: By the end of episode 8 of Love Live Sunshine, I had been struck by a new sensation. The desire to ship one of the Aqours girls with someone outside of Aqours. More specifically Ruby and Leah. I’ve been struggling a little getting a good idea together, though. Hopefully I’ll manage something decent.]

Writing a song was easier said than done. Ruby had some experience now, and Leah had more, considering Saint Snow was just a duo. But it was still slow going. Probably in large part because they had never worked together before, and didn’t know each other that well. Weren’t used to each other. Which was something only time could fix.

However, now that they were working together so closely, Ruby couldn’t help noticing that Leah was actually very cute. Even when she was very serious. The face she made when she was really concentrating had seemed scary at first, but now that she was getting used to it, Ruby had started to appreciate it. It was cute, and it made Ruby feel strangely giddy.

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Bright Future

[A/N: After having tried all day to come up with something interesting to write, I have given up, and instead fallen back on some familiar, wholesome cuteness.]

“Ruby-chan, Ruby-chan, Ruby-chan! Are they turning on the lights yet, zura?” Hanamaru was practically bouncing with excitement.

Ruby checked her phone again. “There’s still another ten minutes left, Hanamaru-chan,” she said. Hanamaru’s excitement level didn’t seem to change at all, though.

The sun had already gone down, and it was getting dark quickly. But that was the point, as they had come to Numazu’s shopping district so Hanamaru could witness this event. Though as the daylight faded, so did the temperature drop.

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Sweet Melodies Sweet Memories

[A/N: Going all the way back to where things started, I’ve been pondering another BanG Dream fic for a little while. Considering how many months it’s been, I can’t swear I remember their personalities all that well any longer, but I still want to try some Arisa and Kasumi as adults.]

“I’m home,” Arisa called out as she took off her shoes. Her feet ached a little. Walking in new shoes always sucked. Though at first there was no reply. “Kasumi?” she called out as she walked into the living room.

“Arisa!” A quick patter of feet came from the back of the house, and Kasumi basically skid to a halt at the door just as Arisa was setting her handbag down by the couch. “Look what I found!” Kasumi said excitedly, and held forth a red, star-shaped guitar.

“Eh? Your old guitar?” Arisa asked as she sat down. Sweet relief.

“Yes!” Kasumi practically bounced as she made her way over. She had dug out the old amp as well.

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A Scary Tale

[A/N: Having finally finished AXZ, and discovered the OVAs, I’ve wanted to write more Symphogear fluff, so here it is. Added note: that didn’t turn out quite as fluffy as originally intended.]

“… then the head detached from the body, and floated off in search of its next victim!” Shirabe said in a remarkably good spooky voice.

A chorus of ‘oooo’s and ‘eeee’s erupted from the people in the room, impressed by Shirabe’s skill at scary stories. Though perhaps one person’s reaction stood out a little more than the rest.

“Senpai? Are you okay?” Shirabe asked.

“O-of course,” Chris replied. “It’ll take more than that to scare me!” Despite her bold claim, there seemed to be tears in the corners of her eyes.

“Then why are clinging to Hibiki like that?” Shirabe inquired next. Chris was hanging on tight to Hibiki’s right arm.

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