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A Scary Tale

[A/N: Having finally finished AXZ, and discovered the OVAs, I’ve wanted to write more Symphogear fluff, so here it is. Added note: that didn’t turn out quite as fluffy as originally intended.]

“… then the head detached from the body, and floated off in search of its next victim!” Shirabe said in a remarkably good spooky voice.

A chorus of ‘oooo’s and ‘eeee’s erupted from the people in the room, impressed by Shirabe’s skill at scary stories. Though perhaps one person’s reaction stood out a little more than the rest.

“Senpai? Are you okay?” Shirabe asked.

“O-of course,” Chris replied. “It’ll take more than that to scare me!” Despite her bold claim, there seemed to be tears in the corners of her eyes.

“Then why are clinging to Hibiki like that?” Shirabe inquired next. Chris was hanging on tight to Hibiki’s right arm.

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The Necessity of Planning

[A/N: I’ve been brewing on this idea for a little while, and figured it was time to put it to the test. I couldn’t make my idea for a new Dia/Kanan/Mari fic work (yet), but this one feels like a more complete concept.]

The beast stalks her unsuspecting prey. Approaching from the shadows as she eyes her dark-haired prize. Closer. And closer. Then with a ferocious “Wah!” she pounces, wrapping her arms around her sitting target from behind.

“Di-a-chan!” Chika says cheerfully, and nuzzles her cheek against Dia’s.

“Hello, Chika-chan,” Dia says in a tone that conveys fondness, but no surprise.

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Fierce Competition

[A/N: Wanted to write something cute, and again recalled some fanart I saw long, long ago. June or July. I wish I could find it again, but I forgot to bookmark it. But yeah: the childhood friend ship I don’t see that often.]

“Okay then, first one to reach the pier,” Kanan said. “Ready?”

“You bet,” You said, already in her ready stance.

Kanan adopted a similar stance. “Ready… set… go!” It had entered her mind to cheat a little to trip You up, but she was confident in her chances regardless.

Running on sand was always an extra challenge. They were running far enough up the beach that hopefully the sand should be equally dry for both of them. If it wasn’t well into autumn, they might have ran barefoot, but it was a tad chilly for that now.

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The Best Present

[A/N: Learned yesterday that it was Miku from Symphogear’s birthday, thanks to fanart retweets on Twitter. I’d never be able to keep up with any of this if it wasn’t for that. So figured I’d do a short thing. I had meant to get it done yesterday, but I ran out of energy. Note: I haven’t finished AXZ yet, so there might have been something significant I’ve missed due to that.]

“Miiiiiku, that’s embarrassing,” Hibiki whined.

“Oh shush. It’s my birthday,” Miku said, not bothered by the complaining.

“But did you have to bring it to school?” Hibiki asked. She didn’t seem very happy about this.

“Yes,” Miku answered quite simply. She had wanted to show it off. “Now go make sure Shirabe and Kirika know when the party is. I’ll go check with Chris.” She smiled sweetly at Hibiki, knowing her girlfriend wouldn’t be able to resist.

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Casual Angels

[A/N: I’ve been pondering this idea for a couple of days, but after the latest LL Sunshine episode I felt the urgent need to start writing it down. I don’t think I’ve written any YohaRiko before this? I can’t remember. I think it’s a cute ship, though.]

It was a nice, quiet day, and Riko had found herself a secluded spot to do some reading. It was getting a little colder these days, so she was wearing a jacket and a scarf, but it wasn’t otherwise unpleasant to sit outside. She was sheltered from the wind in her little nook, as well.

“Hey. Whatcha doing?”

Riko quickly slapped the magazine together, and turned to look towards the voice. Only to see a certain fallen angel leaning on top of the wall she was sitting against. A lollipop stick was coming out of the corner of her mouth.

“Oh, it’s just you,” Riko said. She relaxed, went back to her previous position, and opened her magazine again.

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Turnabout is Fair Play

[A/N: Last week’s episode of Love Live Sunshine made me want to write a Dia-centric fic. While I had a couple of ideas, I didn’t have much writing motivation in the past week, so it took me a while to get around to it. But now felt like the perfect time, as I needed to write something exciting and fun to get myself back on track. Inspiration for this came from a piece of fan art I saw on Twitter.]

A hand slammed into the wall by Dia’s head as she was walking, cutting her off.

“W-w-wh-wha-” a startled Dia stuttered, and looked towards the perpetrator.

“Hello, Dia-chan~” the fiend said, and grinned wickedly.

“Y-You-san?” Dia really couldn’t ignore how close her ashen-haired kouhai was.

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A Gathering of Foxes

[A/N: An idea I’ve had for a little while, but not gotten around to until now: Fate Extella characters working at Konohana Kitan‘s Konohanatei inn! Unlike the Symphogear crossover, this is the actual characters transferred over, not a re-imagining of how they’d fit into that world. Blame magic. A wizard did it. Maybe you know her name. Oh, and I’m going with with young Altera, in the age 10-12 range. I don’t trust my skill at writing Hero-Altera. Which canon am I going with? Don’t worry about it.]

In a burst of flower petals, six figures appear outside of the Konohanatei inn. All dressed in kimonos: One red, two blue, one white, one purple, and one pink. And all of them…

“Mu. Why am I also a fox?” Nero asks in a surly tone.

“That’s part of the magic that brought us here. We all have to be kitsune. I already explained this,” an impatient Tamamo answers.

“You know I zone out when you talk for too long, Caster,” Nero says as if that should be self-evident.

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For The Record

[A/N: On chapter 3 of this peculiar crossover I’ve dubbed Curse of the Dragon. Also the last easy idea I have for this. I don’t want to end it just yet, but I’ll need some time to think about what to do next.]

Elizabeth Bathory, age 16, first-year student at Lydian Music Academy, felt tired. Yesterday had been an ordeal, and now muscles she didn’t even know she had were aching. Not to mention the bruises she had gotten after getting knocked over. Someone had come to check on her this morning, and to ask if she wanted to take a day off of school. That had freaked her out a bit, but she had decided to go.

Worse, the guy had brought a folder of documents for her to read, and said that she needed to sign off on them by the end of the week. Part of her wondered if there was still time to change her mind, but she had talked herself out of that. An idol always had to complete the gig they had agreed to. Plus there was no way she was losing out to her rival. Quitting now was as good as admitting total defeat before the competition had even started.

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How To Treat A Fluff

[A/N: Okay, so after the last short Chris/Hibiki/Miku story, I wanted to write another one almost right away. I am such shipper trash.]

Of all the things Chris had come to appreciate about Hibiki and Miku’s apartment, what she would never have expected was how much the smell of it comforted her. It smelled like a home. Even if it wasn’t her home.

She had gotten her way. Hibiki was handling the kitchen, while Miku was brushing Chris’s hair. In spite of anything you’d expect from the dummy, she was actually a good cook.

“Ack! No, no- safe! Everything is okay!” Hibiki’s outburst caused Chris to groan. She was a good cook, but still a bit of klutz.

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How To Invite A Fluff

[A/N: This little scene was keeping me awake, so I had to get back up and write it. It’s a little messy as a result, it’s past midnight here.]

The school-day was over, and Yukine Chris was about to leave the grounds to go home. It had been an uneventful day, which suited her fine, but that was about to come to an end.

“Chris-chan~!” By the time Chris heard Hibiki, Hibiki had already pounced and embraced Chris.

“Hey! Get off!” Chris tried to get free. It seemed like Hibiki had learned to not announce her presence too early, so Chris was having a harder time escaping these days.

“I’m sorry, Chris.” Miku’s voice also came up from behind. “I tried to stop her, but you know how she is.” Chris wasn’t convinced that Miku had tried any such thing. In fact, she rather suspected that Miku had encouraged Hibiki all the way.

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