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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Marus

[A/N: Had to write something fluffy for my sweet daughter’s birthday.]

It was the night before Ruby’s birthday, which was a special night for many reasons. This year one of them being a sleepover with Hanamaru. Which wasn’t exactly an unusual thing, but Hanamaru had a plan: Her gift to Ruby to this year would be herself! She would make the little cutie’s heart beat out of control! The issue was how to go about it. But Hanamaru was confident she could be seductive.

They were currently reading in Ruby’s room, sitting across from each other at a small table. It was getting quite late, so both of them had gotten into their pajamas, but since tomorrow was Ruby’s birthday they figured it was okay to stay awake a little longer. It was still a school night, but they were rebellious girls. They could probably stay up all night, if they wanted. But it was best not to.

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A Present For The Collection

[A/N: Aaaahhh, this one ambushed me! After getting Ruby’s story ready to go for her birthday, I looked up when the next one would be, and found Riko to be two days before! So I barely had time to brainstorm, much less plan. I’m so sorry for it being short and kinda shitty, Riko. You deserve better. Happy birthday, you poor pervert.]

“So why did we have to come up to the roof?” Riko asked. The two of them had practically dragged her up here. She hadn’t even managed to grab her lunch.

Chika and You exchanged glances and smiled. “Because…” You said.

“We have a present for you!” Chika eagerly finished.

“You couldn’t have waited until after school?” Riko asked. The door finally closed behind them. It was a bit slow. The three of them moved off to the side.

It was Riko’s birthday, so she wasn’t surprised they had gotten her something. She would have been upset if they didn’t. But the party wasn’t until this afternoon.

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[A/N: Second chapter of Daily Demon Dealings, sequel to Sharing the Story.]

After two weeks:

Ruby had never been tardy with her homework. She was a Kurosawa, after all. Not to mention Dia always helped keep her on track if she was close to sliding off. But she couldn’t claim she got much enjoyment out of it. She could be wrong, but it always seemed like Dia got a sense of satisfaction from it, like a job well done. That didn’t really apply to Ruby, at least not in terms of schoolwork. But she had to admit it was more enjoyable with friends.

Maybe it was still debatable to what extent they were genuinely friends, but Ruby had certainly grown to be more comfortable around the two supernatural beings. And she liked to think she was growing on them as well.

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Sharing The Story

[A/N: Part 1 of Daily Demon Dealings. Realised I had too many ideas to comfortably fit into a single chapter, so I’ve decided to split it up. Sequel to Her First Summoning.]

After one week:

And now I have an unusual succubus and a fallen angel staying in my room.”

Ruby had posted a rough description of the events to the forum of the site that had been the most helpful in getting her ready for the summoning. She had actually cobbled everything together from a small handful of sites, but this was the biggest one. After the success (for a certain definition of success) of the ritual, she had wanted to share the story.

It had taken some effort to write it such that it didn’t give too much away. Yohane had reluctantly agreed to help, after first saying that there was no way Ruby could tell anyone about this. After about a day of pleading she had given in. There was no way anyone was going to find out who they were, or where they were, from the text. Yohane claimed she had cast a spell on the computer so it couldn’t be traced remotely either, but Ruby had no idea if such a thing was possible. That was far beyond her level of knowledge.

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Her First Summoning

[A/N: My first attempt at an AU, here’s a world where Ruby has no friends, and goes to extreme lengths to try to get some.]

Ruby was tired of it. Tired of it all. She had no friends. Her inability to bring herself to actually talk to anyone at school was a constant source of frustration for her. She had tried. By all the gods, she had tried. But when they looked at her, or said something to her, it was like a deer getting caught in headlights. She froze up, maybe let out a squeak or stammered something, and retreated. At this point everyone in class had to see her as a weirdo.

And she was really tired of it. Her sister tried to cheer her up, but Dia didn’t know what it was like. Dia had friends. She could talk to people. Ruby couldn’t. She loved her sister very much, but Dia couldn’t be there all the time. Ruby didn’t want her to, either. She didn’t want to rely on Dia for everything. This was something she had to figure out for herself.

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Worries at the Office

[A/N: New Game S2 is still giving me ideas for new stories. No new Umiko/Nene idea yet though. Maybe soon.]

Hifumi smiled to herself. It was nice when everything was going on schedule. Even if it meant staying late to finish writing that schedule. Maybe staying late wasn’t strictly necessary, but she had her reasons.

Aoba’s design work was coming along nicely. Hifumi thought they were cute. Maybe occasionally a little weird. Though Aoba seemed tired at times. At least once it looked like she had been crying before she came home. All Hifumi thought she could do was be supportive. Aoba would tell her about it if she felt the need to.

Yun had seemed more motivated lately. Not that she had ever slacked on her work, but there seemed to be something extra spirited about her. Hifumi selfishly hoped that part of that was because of her leadership.

And Momo was picking things up quickly. Probably quicker than Aoba did, though she didn’t want to say that openly to her fiance. Momo’s main issue was that she seemed to have trouble interacting with the others. Which Hifumi could empathise with, but it still made her worry. Also…

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Tanning Interrupted

[A/N: ChikaYou is simply really darn cute, so this needed to be written.]

It was a beautiful day, and Chika was lying stretched out, face up on a beach sunbed. With eyes closed behind sunglasses, and wearing a yellow bikini, she was just soaking up the sun, and listening to the waves gently roll in onto the beach. A few seagulls were occasionally squawking just off shore.

Normally she didn’t have the patience to lie still when outside, but after the workout this morning it was nice to just rest a bit. The sun was warm, and it made her drowsy. Maybe she could get a tan. Everything was really peaceful. Until a shadow moved over her face.

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Careful What You Wish For

[A/N: Had an idea for another YouHane fic, and it just wouldn’t go away, so I had to give it priority. It’s a really fun ship to write, even if it isn’t necessarily my favourite otherwise.]

“Shit, shit, shit,” Yohane muttered under her breath. Her alarm hadn’t gone off this morning, and her backup had gotten messed up by last night’s power outage, so that hadn’t gone off either. She had missed first period, but she should be able to make second period. If nothing else got in her way. At least the weather had cleared up.

On her way she happened upon Chika, Riko, and You in the hallway. They were engaged in some conversation Yohane couldn’t make out, but that stopped when they noticed her.

“Good morning, Yoshiko-chan!” Chika spoke first, sounding as cheerful as ever. Yohane was really not in the mood for this today. What with being generally grumpy over being too late, and not a morning person in the first place, it annoyed her extra to be called Yoshiko today. When were they going to get it right? But before she could retort…

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Wild Hunt

[A/N: I got really into Fate Extella, and now that I’ve completed it, I’ve had an idea for a short story between the (female) protagonist Hakuno and Nero. Things kept getting in their way in the game.]

“Saber, you can’t wrestle a chimera,” I say, as insistently as I can. I had a feeling this ‘lion hunt’ wouldn’t go quite as intended.

“I can, and I will!” Nero says with her usual unfaltering confidence. I’ll grant that she managed to subdue the beast, and keep it one piece, but…

“It’s going to be a danger to the audience, though. More than it will be to you,” I say. The thought of that thing breathing fire on the stands, or jumping into the audience, fills me with a certain amount of dread. “It’s far more dangerous than a lion.”

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Recharge and Recovery

[A/N: It’s been a while since the last entry in this series now, so to spare anyone who doesn’t want to go back and read those previous stories, here’s the TL;DR: Aoba and Hifumi are living together, and are engaged.]

Hifumi is resting in the office at home. There had been a meeting at work today, and by the time she got home she was exhausted. Aoba had gone shopping to give Hifumi some quiet time. Hifumi smiles fondly thinking about her fiance, certain she has made the right choice.

She could have gone taken a nap in bed, but if she ends up sleeping too long, it will ruin her night’s sleep. Dimming the lights in the office, and resting on the couch in there is an acceptable alternative. She has a napping pillow similar to the one at work, and is currently resting on her side while gently petting Sojiro with two fingers. The little hedgehog has a perpetually grumpy look, but Hifumi can tell he loves her. She’s sure he likes Aoba too, even if Aoba isn’t as convinced. She puts too much stock in his expression.

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