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The Yharnam Diaries Extended – Entry 3: Henriet and Ludwig

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Tick tock.

I have made two important discoveries.

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Storytime: Young Awakening

An Educational Guide For Young Members of the Wulf Clan Currently Experiencing Their Awakening

By Rita Wulf

Hello young Wulfs!

So you have reached your Awakening. I will be blunt and say you have a difficult, confusing, yet also exciting time ahead of you. Your body is maturing, and your internal powers and abilities start waking up. Hence the Awakening.

You may have heard your parents or others refer to it as “werewolf puberty”, which is correct, but also doesn’t tell the whole story. Up until now your werewolf side has lain dormant, and you have functioned virtually identical to a child of whichever non-wolf species you are.

Now you have a period of honestly rather drastic changes ahead of you, which comes with new dangers, new abilities, and new responsibilities. But don’t worry, because your family is here to help you through it. Let us start by talking about what is typically the two biggest issues for young people just starting their Awakening.

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Storytime: Various Rita Stuff

This was an idea that popped into my head as I was actually working on a different story. I just suddenly got this idea to talk about some of Rita’s gear and equipment, and other peculiarities. And even reveal some of my inspirations behind things, if applicable. Stuff not big enough to deserve a whole post of its own, but which could make something all together.

We will start with what is probably the most curious of all of Rita’s possessions. The Trunk. Yes, capital T. As a big fan of Discworld, and the Rincewind books in particular, I was quite fascinated by the Luggage ever since I first read Eric ( yes, that’s where I got started ). The Trunk isn’t quite the same, but it’s where I got the inspiration. The Trunk has no legs, nor does it exhibit any malevolence or any other obvious sign of sentience or mobility. In appearance it looks something like this. A large wooden chest with a flat lid. Not especially ornate, but clearly well-made. The only thing that might look unusual about it is that its size is a bit larger than you would typically expect. The thing with the Trunk is that it does move. No one (that we know) has ever seen it move, or how it does so. But somehow it is always where Rita wants/needs it to be. And wherever it is currently located, it gives off this feeling that this is where it belongs, and where it has always been, and you just didn’t notice it until now. It also will not open for anyone besides Rita, or those she has given permission. Inside it is a pocket dimension. Or maybe several. Whenever it is opened, it displays the part of its inside that contains what Rita ( or the person she permitted ) is looking to find. If they are not sure what exactly they want, it’s possible to enter the Trunk. Among other things, there’s a vast armoury, massive pantry, and a huge wardrobe in there. Rita has stocked the Trunk with pretty much anything you could need, and quite a lot of random stuff she just hasn’t had anywhere else to put. It’s her own little deus ex machina object. And of course there’s also a vault for dangerous objects, since the Trunk is virtually impossible to break into. ( And even if you did, there’s no guarantee you’d find what you were looking for, or get out again. )

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Storytime: The Curse

Lycanthropy is a complicated condition. And a varied one. I figured I’d take some time and talk about it, and how it applies to Rita Wulf specifically.

There are many theories for why there are different kinds of lycanthropy, but in general they can be divided into biological or magical.

The biological side argues that it is a literal infection. Some form of pathogen, most commonly believed to be a virus, enters the host and changes them. Where it came from, and when it arose is something no one has found an answer to yet, but the proponents of the theory believe that the various types of lycans come from the virus mutating and evolving in different directions.

The magical side argues that the entire process is based off of a curse, and that it is entirely magical in nature. The reason for the different types of lycan is that different magicians cast different curses at different times, and while the end result of turning the cursed into a wolf-beast under the full moon was largely kept intact, other details would vary based on the caster.

Regardless of which side is correct ( maybe they both are, considering how big the universe is ), we are here to discuss how the curse affected Rita, rather than discuss the possibilities of its origin.

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Storytime: Suddenly A Twin

Now this is less of a traditional story to tell, and more like talking about backstory. Just so you’re aware.

See, years before I adopted the name as my own I created a character for a free-form RP environment. That was the first appearance of Rita Wulf. Old werewolf, accomplished shape-shifter, self-taught mage and pretty much who I wished I could be. I was in my early 20s and trying to figure out who I was.

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Storytime – Into The Depths: Chapter 1

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. I have however been staring at and poking at this story for so long now, that I figured I might as well release it as the first chapter of a story I truly hope to be able to keep going with. I know how such aspirations have gone in the past though, but if I ever hope to write a book, I need to train myself in how to focus on my fiction-writing as well.

Now, this story is part of the same world as the Wulf Manor introduction I did some months back (blimey, over half a year). I’ve tried to write it so that you don’t need to read the introduction to still follow, and hopefully enjoy, the story, but if you do want some more background it’s there.

With that said, I will just add that any input you want to offer is accepted, and if you don’t feel like it I’ll just keep writing as I see fit.

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Storytime: Assault Scene

So I got majorly hit with inspiration for a scene as I was out driving, and the urge got so powerful that I had to pull over and type out a rough draft on Twitter, of all things. When you’re in a car with just a smartphone, you make do.

So I figured I’d port the story over to a more readable format, and do some touch-ups. It’s still just a short scene though. I might incorporate it into a larger story at some point, or I might just leave it as it is. We’ll see. I hope you enjoy.

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Teaser – Collisions On Aether: Prologue

I’ve been replaying the Metroid Prime series lately and recently finished Metroid Prime 2. As I was playing through it I was struck with all sorts of ideas for doing a narrative let’s play of the game.


In an effort to nail down a style I wrote this little prologue/teaser of what might have occurred right before the game started. I hope to start the full series in January, after I get a video capture card. So basically, it’ll be fanfiction centred around the actual events of the game.

For the prologue I have gone with this style: italics is narrator, normal text is Samus’s thoughts, “” indicates spoken dialogue, bold is the computer. If you wonder why, it’s because that after the prologue I don’t expect the narrator to have a particularly big role. It’ll mostly focus on Samus’s own perceptions and descriptions of what’s happening, so that’s why I gave her thoughts the normal text, as that is supposed to be the norm.

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Storytime: Wulf Manor

And here we have another short story. This one took me nowhere near as long as the last one did, thankfully, though it’s also not as long. This is more an introduction piece to the home of Rita Wulf and a glimpse at the surrounding area.

Many thanks to Cara who helped me set up the second draft, and Jarenth who proof-read that second draft in order to let me write this third one.

While I could probably keep nitpicking at it till the cows come home, I feel it’s now time to move on the next thing, whatever that may be.

I hope you enjoy this look at Wulf Manor and the people in and around it.

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Storytime: Small problems in small places (draft 2)

So this is the first of hopefully many short stories I post on here. Now, Rita Wulf is a character I’ve had for many years, and mostly used for freeform RP (roleplaying), but in my mind I’ve always had a lot of adventures for her, so I thought it was time to write some of them down.

Now this is only the second draft (first draft just exists as a file on my computer and with a few proofreaders), so feel free to come with constructive criticism to help improve future drafts, since I know the story is far from perfect, even if I can’t see exactly what is wrong with it at the moment. Ideas and insight will come in time, I sure. Heck, even the title might be subject to change.

Even so, I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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