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A Gathering of Kings

[A/N: I’m not quite done with the Extella setting yet, but my creative surge has calmed down, so my output is going to be slower again. Developing this idea has taken a while. It’s been a while since I first came up with the premise, but actually making it a story took some effort. And time, but that’s also in part because it’s the longest fic I’ve written in quite a while. Even then there were a couple of ideas I had to leave behind because I couldn’t figure out a good way to fit them into things.

With Extella Link’s localisation slowly approaching, I am increasingly curious and eager to see what that game is going to be like. I’ve been avoiding spoilers from Japanese fans, so I know next to nothing. Though I expect they’ll have changed the spelling of Artoria’s name to Altria. Apparently after they spelled it Artoria in Extella, Type-Moon didn’t like it, stepped in for Fate/GO’s localisation, said that it was going to be Altria, and they wouldn’t hear otherwise. So I expect they’ll have passed that mandate onto the Extella devs for Link as well. Not something I’m ever going to incorporate in my fics. I can’t think of any other example where the official spelling of a character’s name has been so universally rejected by the fanbase. Arturia or Artoria seems to be what everyone goes with. They spell it アルトリア. A-ru-to-ri-a. No translator/dubber would think it logical to write that as “Altria” in English. Especially since she’s King Arthur. Arthuria would have made more sense.

Sorry, I didn’t mean for that to turn into a rant. Onto the story!

The original idea was: The two Artorias take Mordred to McDonalds. Then someone pointed out that they’d go to Burger King, which I had to agree with it. And someone else suggested in a comment a while back that maybe Iskandar could get involved, and then I had the idea of Altera and Mordred negotiating that they could ride Riders instead of horses back when I was writing the Babysitter Jeanne story. So those two things ended up slotting together.

The bonus side-story is because I wanted to write that scene, but thought it was too short to be its own thing. So I put it in at the end here instead.]

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Fireworks and Love

[A/N: The most recent BanG Dream: Girls’ Band Party event gave me this little idea. It’s only loosely based on that story. Maybe it’s the fireworks festival for the year after, or maybe it’s just an entirely alternate story. I came up with outline before I had even read the whole thing in the game. Either way, I thought it was cute, and wanted to write it, even if it was short. Arisa and Kasumi are one of my favourite couples.]

The fireworks were approaching their end, and Toyama Kasumi sat down next to Ichigaya Arisa with a plop.

“Had your fun?” Arisa asked.

“I’m tired,” Kasumi said.

“I can tell,” Arisa said with a light sigh. “That’s what you get for running around so much. You’re no longer a child, you know.”

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New View On Life

[A/N: Update: Well, I screwed that up. In all my excitement, I completely forgot the small, but crucial fact that Rinko goes to Popipa’s school, not Afterglow’s. So unless Ako decides to attend that high school, they wouldn’t be in the same school, and that basically scuppered my whole idea. So after hastily taking it back down, and deleting my tweets, I had to decide what I wanted to do. It was demoralising enough that I actually wanted to just drop the whole thing, but I soon realised that I should probably fix it.

Which gave me two options. Change things around so Ako starts at Rinko’s school, or find some other way to include Rinko. I guess there was the third option of blaming it all on being an AU, but I couldn’t even make myself feel okay with that one. So I went with what made most sense to me: Having Ako attend her sister’s school, and then meeting up with Rinko outside of school.

Let me tell you, finding the motivation to fix a story is much harder than finding the motivation to write it in the first place. /end Update.

This idea just popped into my head all of a sudden: What if Ako suddenly grew to be almost as tall as her sister? I doubt that’s ever going to happen in the anime or game. Assuming they’re going to let the girls age/grow much in the first place. Very few franchises do much with that sort of thing, if any at all. There are two new anime seasons on the way, and season 2 is supposed to be the set the year after season 1, so we’ll see then. It would put Ako in high school, and Yukina, Aya, Rinko, and the other second-years into their graduation year, at least.

And yeah, it just made sense to me that Rinko would be a little excited to suddenly have a tall girlfriend. Even though she loved her when she was short as well. Fits with the whole coolness thing, if you ask me.

Oh, and for reference, here’s a chart of every Bandori member’s height. Tomoe is 168, and Kaoru is 170 (which is honestly still short by Scandinavian standards), while Rinko is just 157. Poor Ako used to be 148. I don’t know whether a growth spurt as big as that is actually possible in that short of a time, but listen: Don’t worry about it. ]

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Down Payment

[A/N: While this is something I have considered for a while, it was only a few days ago that I finally got an idea for a Hakuno/Nero/Salter threesome that I thought could work. I had wondered if I was ever going to go there at all, but here we are.

Last time I wrote explicit Hakuno/Nero smut, it was Hakuno taking charge, but I figured that this time I’d do what I consider the more typical scenario: Nero being in control. With Salter helping out. Hakuno’s in for quite a ride.

Now I know there is some split in the consensus on Nero in bed, with some people feeling quite strongly that Nero is absolutely a bottom, but personally I envision her differently. That even though Hakuno has an easy time teasing her on the streets, she takes control in the sheets to make up for it.

The Tamamo bit at the end was a bit of a last-minute idea, but I figured it was a nice way to wind down, and I haven’t really given Tamamo a lot to do in these fics. Though for Hakuno it could be considered a bit of winding back up. Both of her wives can be quite lustful, after all.

As this starts off NSFW from the first paragraph, I’m putting the Read More tag right after this.]

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Let’s Go Home

[A/N: I’ve wanted to do something like this for Elizabeth for a while, and I figured that while I was riding this wave of creative energy, it might be a good time for it.

I really love Elizabeth, and she is very important to me. Sure, she has a tendency to screw things up, and she’s bad at being a good girl, but I don’t think it’s fair to leave her as a villain. Especially when it isn’t really by her own will. Playing the side stories in Extella, and learning how she became what she was there, made me really angry at Archimedes. I think Elizabeth fits better as a troublemaker, rival, and occasional antagonist rather than a straight-up villain, and I was sad Extella didn’t redeem her somehow. Maybe in Extella Link?

So yeah, I wanted her to be part of the gang, and just get in harmless trouble, like wrecking a kitchen while trying to make cookies, or something along those lines. Very good girl, even if she’s bad at it. She tries.]

Lancer Elizabeth Bathory dreamt. She had held a surprise concert for her rival, and the little squirrel, but they had chased her off. Just because her music attracted a few attack programs. She couldn’t control who her fans were. It wasn’t fair. She had put on a good show. It wasn’t fair. Maybe she should have asked permission first, but… it wasn’t fair. Then she had been attacked, and then… pain. In her body. In her mind. In her soul. She couldn’t escape it, she couldn’t fight it. Afterwards… a new purpose. Yet…

A tear rolled down her cheek. “Help me, little squirrel…”

Something warm and soft wiped away the tear. “I’m here, Elizabeth.”

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Bad Girlfriend

[A/N: I got this short, silly BanG Dream idea from the latest event on the English version of Girls Band Party. I had a slightly different version in mind when I first saw the event, and it changed into this after reading the whole thing. I think it’s fun. 

Maybe I’m being unfair to Tomoe here, since it’s not like they’re on the paper officially a couple in the game, so it’s “just” a friend turning down another friend, but I’m sticking to the idea that Tomoe is really bad at this. :3 And I felt really sorry for Himari when no one in Afterglow wanted to go with her.]

“I’m home!”

Ako closed the door behind her, and took off her shoes. She almost hadn’t realised just how warm it was outside until she came into the air-conditioned coolness of the house.

“Welcome back!”

Tomoe’s voice called out from the living room.

“Hey there,” Tomoe said as Ako stepped into the room. “You were gone a while.”

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Auntie Jeanne Guards The Treasure

[A/N: This started with a very simple idea: Jeanne d’Arc babysits young Altera. Then it got a little bit away from me. Still, I think it’s a fun addition to the loosely titled “SE.RA.PH. at peace” series. Putting Altera and Mordred together could lead to some interesting things.

So I wonder whether I maybe got too silly, or too carried away, or made Altera too child-like, but I think the best thing is just to not worry about it.

And assuming I have a bit of steam left in this train of writing I’ve been doing, there is the setup for another story here, involving what Hakuno, Nero, and Tamamo are off doing while Jeanne has to look after things.]

Ruler Jeanne d’Arc arrived in New Roma. She was responding to a summons by the Imperial family themselves. They had requested her for an important task: to guard the empire’s greatest treasure. While she owed no loyalty to the empire or its rulers, she felt it was rude to ignore a personal request like that. So she had agreed to come.

The city was a lot livelier than last she had seen it. Larger too, by her estimate. Her role as guardian and Top Servant didn’t really allow for much leisure time to do as she pleased, even if peace reigned for now. Not only were there a lot more NPCs around, but she could see wizards too. And even the occasional Servant she had not seen before on SE.RA.PH. It was pretty amazing how everyone seemed to have settled in.

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Live Present To Love

[A/N: With Chika, we’re at another birthday I actually did a fic for last year, too. Weird to look back on that now. Deciding on the ship took me a little while. Originally I had an idea for something with Dia, but I ended up realising that it wouldn’t work as a birthday thing. Maybe I’ll try that one later. Then I was weighing the different ships in my mind for a few days. I always think ChikaYou is adorable, ChikaRikoYou is a classic, and I haven’t really tried YohaChika or ChikaRuby yet. But then this idea hit me, and I just went “yes, excellent, let’s do it”.

Though I don’t have any personal experience with this kink, and it’s always a little awkward to write about something you haven’t tried. Feels like a lot of guesswork, and hoping you don’t get things too wrong. I had to google a few things to make sure I was understanding them right. I still wouldn’t say I’m entirely certain of all this. Regardless, at least I had fun with it.

Another consideration was just how lewd I wanted to get with this. Should I stop while I can still could still get away with a T rating, or push into M rating territory? Maybe even go fully explicit? Writing sex scenes tends to require a certain mindset for me that isn’t always easy to get into, so I often just cut things short. I’m sure you all have vivid imaginations so you can fill in the blanks yourselves.]

Evening had finally set across Uchiura, and the temperature was dropping from absolutely miserable to just slightly uncomfortable.

Still, Takami Chika had had a good birthday. Celebrating with everyone in Aqours was lovely, and she might have had a bit much cake. It was within the realm of possibility, even though it could be argued that there was no such thing.

But it was also nice to just get some alone time with her girlfriend at the end of the day.

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Shining Knight And Gloomy Witch

[A/N: Of course I was going to come back to this. No way was I leaving things as they were last time. Building up to this was the idea all along. When I finally ran into these two again in Cold Steel 2, something along these lines popped into my mind right away.

While I hadn’t originally intended to have such a long lead-up, I felt like I should talk about what they’d been doing in Legram, and the words just kept flowing. I had the scene with the Rhinocider in mind from the start, but how to get started, and then get to there was my main struggle. And because of some goofing on twitter, I had to include a small scene for Jusis too. It just amused me too much.

Considering Cold Steel 3 is not localised, and who knows when it will be, I’m not sure if I’ll get any inspiration for further stories between these two any time soon, but I’m not going to rule it out. Stranger things have happened.]

Emma Millstein shuddered as she suddenly woke up with a gasp, as if a tremor had passed through her body. She could barely see anything when she opened her eyes, and that was not just because she wasn’t wearing her glasses. It was still the middle of the night, and the perpetual mist that hung over the area certainly didn’t make things any clearer.

She pondered whether to attempt to go right back to sleep, or get up for some fresh air or something first. The flight from Trista kept appearing in her dreams. Usually in the form of showing one of the many ways it could have gone horribly wrong. Tonight it had been Crow catching the Courageous, and sending it crashing into the ground. Right on top of the town.

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I Am (Not) Your Father

[A/N: I had expected to return to this setting eventually, but I hadn’t expected it to happen quite like this. But once this idea started to grow and take shape in my head, I knew it was too late to escape. At least I can blame @lilbrattybun on Twitter for it this time.

I’ll admit I know very little about Mordred and what his personality is like. What I know is: He will kill you if you call him a girl, he doesn’t like praise or insults directed towards his father, he once hissed at a cat, and he can be bratty. I honestly don’t even know if he uses he/him pronouns, but it makes sense to me. I’m damned sure not trusting the Fate Wikia on this point. Though it’s not like the Fate/ canon particularly cares, and I care even less about the Fate/ canon unless it’s something I like. So here we are. Everyone’s much happier if we don’t worry about it.

I enjoy the idea of Artoria Alter mellowing out a bit in her own way, so that was another part of what made me want to write this fic. Give her something to care about. It’s fun to write something a bit sillier again as well.]

The Wastes. The part of SE.RA.PH. that was still empty, and waiting to be filled in. The area where new lands would grow, and new things would appear. Including new life, and occasionally new Servants.

Saber Alter Artoria Pendragon had not been out here since she got erroneously summoned to this place. There was nothing out here for her, so she had no reason to come here. Except this day a feeling had compelled her to come out here. She did not know the origin of this feeling, but her soul told her she had no reason to doubt it. Nor did she have any reason to heed it, yet here she was.

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