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I Have Reviewed: Lichdom: Battlemage

I have had a pretty thick writer’s block for a while, but I did manage to do a review of Lichdom: Battlemage a few weeks ago.

Man, such promise.

Rarely have I found such a perfect example of a game wearing out its welcome.

Not a bad game by any means, it just lasts for way too long. It seems to be under the impression that it’s an RPG, but at best you can call it an action-RPG. At its heart it’s basically an FPS.

Still, could be worth checking out if you see it on a sale. Maybe you’ll find more longevity in it than I did. (Still no idea why it’s called Lichdom though, and not just Battlemage.)



Wulf Space Jam – Match 8: vs Mittledorf Smashers (Human)

Match 7

It is time to take the field, once again. Probably the Norse field again, knowing our luck. Would it kill them to give us the pirate ship or the burning fields once in a while?

All the smashings.

So our fight against the Vampires went pretty well, though it was rather disappointing to not see a single Blood Lust trigger throughout the whole match. Our next opponents are a stinking human team called Mittledorf Smashers. We are not Mittledorfs, but I still don’t appreciate the idea that they want to smash Dorfs. So we’ll attempt to murder them instead. Scoring would be nice, but crushing the humans is the primary objective. Let’s take a look at our smelly opponents.

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Goat Simulator – GOATY?

Goat Simulator is a horribly broken game, that still makes me really happy.

This isn’t going to be a long one, because I feel like trying to review this thing is largely pointless. For me it’s one of those games that I’d either have to give 1/10, or 10/10. Middle ground doesn’t really work here for me.

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Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Sorta Review

It’s not even a year since Shadowrun Returns launched with the Dead Man’s Switch campaign, and last month the new campaign/expansion Dragonfall came upon us. (Side note: between that, Towerfall and Titanfall, it seems there’s been a lot of falling on PC lately).

Now, I liked Shadowrun Returns in spite of its flaws when it first came out. I appreciated what they were going for, and viewed it as a flawed gem. Certain people, like my dear friend Jarenth, did not like it very much. And now I’ve returned to it to look at Dragonfall and what sort of stuff they’ve improved via patches since last July.

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Nosgoth – Closed Beta First Impressions

Have you heard of Legacy of Kain? Maybe you’re not quite as big of a fan as I am, but the name Nosgoth might still ring a bell. It’s the world that Legacy of Kain is set in. And now also the name of an upcoming free-to-play multiplayer team game developed by Psyonix and published by Square Enix.

I like these symbols.

As a big fan of the series, I am of course disappointed that we’re not getting another “proper” game. However, I also have a bit of a weakness for asymmetrical multiplayer games, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

I will admit I have not really played enough for a proper impressions post, but I wanted to write down some first impressions while they’re fresh. And considering Steam is currently dead, and I need to be logged into Steam to play, why not now?

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An Introduction to Banished + Short Review

I saw TB’s video on Banished. I read some stuff about it. Checked out some reviews. Didn’t feel entirely sure that I wanted it. Looked at other city-builders. Got it anyway.

Hard to find a good title image for this one.

You might be asking “What is Banished?”, and that is a valid question. Banished is a city-builder, though unlike the Anno or Tropico games, this is decidedly small-scale. The idea is to set up a small village and just survive as you slowly expand. If you get too greedy, or too eager, or too confident, it might start a snowball that ends with most of your villagers dead, and it’s hard to recover from that. It might be best to just start over.

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The Banner Saga – Sorta Review

I had my eye on this for a while. I am of viking heritage, this game is viking-ish. Logical connection, right?

All the pretties.

I am at that point where I rarely, if ever, buy games sight-unseen, though. So I investigated. Looked at people playing it. Read up on it. Deliberated. Is this a thing I’d like? And I will in honesty say it wasn’t always a sure thing. The combat system gave me a weird vibe. The choices and dialogue seemed to have a certain vindictive streak about it. People talked of gotcha moments. And yet… I couldn’t deny that I wanted it. I wanted The Banner Saga. So about a week after launch I gave in and bought it.

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Wulf Space Jam – Match 7: vs Vampire Coast Swashbucklers (Vampire)

Match 6

Match 8

Well. This has been a while. The 8th of May 2013. Before I went on my meds, I assume, or shortly after. Maybe I even have new readers who have no idea what this is. If so, hi. Welcome to Blood Bowl, and Wulf Space Jam.

This is gonna suck.

If you can remember that far back, we fought the Chaos team “Marauding Mashers” last time, and it ended in a tie. Not my greatest moment as a coach, but at least we didn’t lose. Our next fight is against the Vampire team “Vampire Coast Swashbucklers”, so apparently they’re not only vampires, but vampire pirates!

After such a long time, I think it’s wise to link back to the team introduction, and the interlude where we looked at how everyone was doing. I do not have any Topic of the Day for this time, and honestly that feature is likely to drop off from now on, unless anyone raises a question or topic I feel deserves answering in such a way. We will still start by taking a thorough look at our opponents.

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Broken Age : Act 1 – Sorta Review

It’s been almost two years now since Double Fine did their Kickstarter. And then suddenly Broken Age: Act 1 was ready and in my email inbox. As someone who doesn’t really read the backer updates too closely, I will admit I was kinda taken with my trousers down.

Pro cropping! (Not really)

The game is not quite out for official release yet. The 27th of January, I believe; I noticed it being up for pre-order now. As a Kickstarter backer though, I got early access, only this early access is the proper game. Sort of. It’s hard to talk about this game without going into the… issues it’s had. So let’s not even try to skirt around it, and just dive right in.

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Let’s Talk Guacamelee

I bought a lot of things in the holiday sales. Did you? Most of it was for other people, but I got some stuff for myself, as well. One of them was the Guacamelee Gold Edition. (I have no idea how that differs from the normal version.)

I thought I'd screen-capped the title, but nope.

Now… instead of one of my usual almost-reviews, I rather wanted to talk about my impressions, my feelings, as I was playing though it. As a short introduction, Guacamelee is a luchador Metroidvania by Drinkbox Studios: the same guys what did Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. And I quite liked that game.

Upon reflection, this format might be a little closer to what my friend Jarenth tends to do. Warning now, there will be SPOILERS for the early part of the game.

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